Stress Fractures in the Feet

Throughout the day, our feet are the recipients of constant pounding and stress. Whether from the hard pavements of the streets or cramped conditions of work heels or dress shoes, our feet frequently take a good beating. Dramatic daily overuse can occasionally cause fractures in our feet called stress fractures. Stress fractures are the

Know Before You Go: The Podiatrist

by Rebecca Pruthi, DPM Frequently, conditions of the feet may go unnoticed as it may be one of the more neglected body parts. Additionally, patients may delay a trip to the doctor if they don’t feel “prepared” for their first podiatry visit. Here is short list of some dos and don’ts before seeing your friendly foot

Sweaty Feet? Tricks to try!

by Rebecca Pruthi, DPM So what is it that causes smelly feet? Malodor of the feet begins with sweating, which provides a good environment for bacteria. This may happen to everyone from time to time, but chronic or severe odor of the feet may be associated with a medical condition known as plantar hyperhidrosis, or excessive

How to Treat Those Party Feet

by Rebecca Pruthi, DPM Between the holiday parties, and the New Year’s celebrations, our feet may begin to feel like they are working overtime in our fancy party shoes. For those of us who run around all day and are stiletto-ready by the evening, that extra bit of dancing or mingling may take quite a

Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes and Your Feet by Rebecca Pruthi, DPM Diabetes is a continuing problem that is increasing in numbers worldwide. According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately 26 million children and adults currently have diabetes. Diabetes may affect several systems in the body, and sometimes the first signs people notice appear in the legs and feet