Podiatrist Services

At our clinic we believe proper foot maintenance and care are pillars of good health. We offer professional services and treatment options that are designed and guided by our trusted podiatrists. Caring for your feet and ensuring any conditions you may have are treated properly are important in maintaining other important health factors such as outstanding bone, heart, and muscle health. We here to provide you the services you need to treat a variety of conditions, including:

Podiatric Treatment

All of these treatments are guided by a team of professionals that understand the importance of great foot health and its contribution to overall health and wellness. We utilize state of the art technology to safely and effectively diagnose and treat all of the above conditions.

North Star Foot & Ankle: The Foot and Ankle SpecialistsOur friendly staff is here to help give you the info and guidance you need, no matter what kind of foot problems you may be experiencing. We offer surgical as well as secondary methods of care that are designed to get you back on your feet and living the active lifestyle you deserve to be able to live.

Our staff is knowledgeable in many different aspects of foot health involved in the many conditions mentioned above. In addition, we also provide exceptional care for more serious conditions such as diabetic-related issues and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.

Don’t ignore or put off getting your foot condition treated any longer, and trust a respected professional to personally diagnose and guide you through treatment.