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How to Remove an Ingrown Toenail

ingrown toenail treatment

An ingrown toenail is annoying and often painful. Constant walking rubs the toes against socks and shoes, causing further irritation to the ingrown toenail.  If left untreated, an ingrown toenail can become infected and cause even more discomfort. Medically known as Onychocryptosis, an ingrown toenail can occur to anyone, at any age, although it seems …

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How to Treat a Heel Spur

how to treat a heel spur

What You Need to Know About Treating a Heel Spur Heel spur (also known as osteophytes or calcaneal spur) is a bony outgrowth at the plantar area of the foot, i.e., under the foot sole. This condition is related to calcium deposits that grow between the arch of the foot and heel. In fact, it …

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How to Remove Warts Safely

treatments for warts

Warts are benign, small skin growths that are caused by different kinds of human papillomaviruses (HPV). Since these viruses infect the upper skin layer, warts grow in the epidermis. They are generally harmless and do not cause pain. However, warts are unsightly and may itch or hurt sometimes. This is especially true for warts on …

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